Human Resources Policy

Number of NCSP Group employees at the year end

NCSP Group’s HR policy is aimed at strengthening the Group’s positions on the port and stevedore services market by building a highly professional and competitive workforce that can support the realization of the Company’s strategic goals and ensure high efficiency in all key areas of the business.

The goal of the Group’s HR policy is to establish a system of relations that motivates employees to  fully realize their potential, as well as to foster and maintain a strong corporate culture and comfortable working conditions.

The Group had 7,885 employees as of December 31, 2018. Operational staff and specialists made up 84.2% of NCSP Group’s workforce in 2018, and administrative staff made up 15.8%. The average age of the Group’s employees was 44.8 years in 2018. NCSP Group has a very loyal workforce, with many employees having worked at Group units for more than 15 years.