Employee training and development

NCSP Group’s Training Center offers professional development, training and retraining opportunities for employees, as well as training to outside individuals who want to subsequently find employment at the NCSP subsidiaries in their chosen profession.

Two training programs for Group employees were developed in 2018 due to operational needs. In 2018, 43 contracts were signed to train Group employees at outside organizations and six contracts were signed with outside organizations having their employees trained at NCSP Group’s Training Center.

In 2018, 4,196 people underwent training and professional development courses, 1,258 more than in the previous year. This increase was due primarily to training of Group employees on safe methods and practices for working at heights.

In 2018, 507 employees underwent professional and pre-certification training at outside educational institutions, and 236 employees of outside organizations underwent training at NCSP Group’s Training Center.