Motivation programs

The Group is refining its system of financial and nonfinancial incentives. The criteria for financial incentives are employee performance and professionalism. The social package and bonus system, as well as our tradition of showing consideration for and taking care of employees, are effective methods for reducing staff turnover at PJSC NCSP.

In order to promote healthy lifestyles and strengthen the corporate spirit, NCSP Group organizes in-house sport events, competitions between employees and other organizations of the city of Novorossiysk, and participation in regional and national games.

In 2018, the Company organized:

  • Participation in four city minifootball tournaments
  • Participation in the city Spartakiade
  • Participation in the national winter and summer Spartakiades of Russian ports in Murmansk
  • Participation in city and national volleyball tournaments
  • Participation in national armlifting competitions
  • Participation in meeting the standards of the GTO national fitness program
  • The 2nd Spartakiade among NCSP Group employees

Company employees won 11 first places, three second places and two third places in competitions held in the reporting period.