Structure of PJSC NCSP Management and Control Bodies

General Shareholder Meeting This is PJSC NCSP’s highest management body. The procedure for holding the General Shareholder Meeting fully ensures observance of shareholder rights. The procedures for preparing, calling, holding and tabulating the results
of the PJSC NCSP General Shareholder Meeting are defined in the Regulation on the General Shareholder Meeting.
Board of Directors Conducts general management of PJSC NCSP’s business. The Board of Directors is responsible for handling matters concerning the Company’s business, with the exception of matters that fall under the authority of the General Shareholder Meeting, Management Board and CEO. The procedure for calling and holding meetings, as well as other issues concerning the activities of the Board of Directors are regulated by the Regulation on the Board of Directors of PJSC NCSP in accordance with the Federal Law on Joint-Stock Companies.
CEO The individual executive body is responsible for management of current operations to ensure the profitability and competitiveness of PJSC NCSP, and its financial and economic stability, while safeguarding the rights of shareholders and social guarantees of employees. The CEO acts within the scope of his/her authority and is accountable to the Board of Directors and General Shareholder Meeting.
Management Board

This collegial executive body reports to the General Shareholder Meeting and the Board of Directors, which also approves the composition of the Management Board. The Management Board is responsible for current management within its competence as defined in the Charter, decisions of the General Shareholder Meeting and the Board of Directors, including:

  • Ensuring that the decisions of the General Shareholder Meeting and the Board of Directors are implemented
  • Executing the operational program and the budget
  • Developing and implementing the business policy with the aim of increasing the profitability and competitiveness of the Company
  • Preparing proposals for investment projects and the budget for the Board of Directors