Report on work performed by PJSC NCSP’s Board of Directors in 2018

The Board of Directors held 16 meetings in 2018, where it considered 49 issues.

The Board of Directors continued to devote most of its attention to issues of strategy and priority areas of the Company’s business. The Board:

  • Made a decision to develop and approve a program (internal document) for managing rights to the results of intellectual activity
  • Approved the organizational structure of PJSC NCSP management
  • Confirmed the new composition of the Management Board
  • Made a decision to increase PJSC NCSP’s equity interest in LLC IPP to 100%
  • Approved the business plan for the “LLC NMT Reconstruction – Light Oil Products” investment project
  • Approved the Regulation on Procurement by PJSC NCSP and its subsidiaries and affiliates
  • Approved the PJSC NCSP material risks map for 2019

The Board also considered other issues within its mandate in the reporting year, including issues concerning the organization and holding of the annual and extraordinary General Meetings
of PJSC NCSP shareholders. The Board has plans to prepare a new version of the Company’s Corporate Governance Code, Regulation on Dividend Policy and Regulation on Information Policy.

In accordance with the Regulation on Disclosure of Information by Issuers of Issuable Securities, approved by Central Bank of Russia order No. 454-P, dated December 30, 2014, decisions of the Board of Directors are disclosed on the websites of Interfax and PJSC NCSP.

Participation of directors in meetings of the Board of Directors from January 1, 2018 to December 31, 2018
Board directors Number of meetings director attended / was supposed to attend
Sergey Andronov 15/16
Maxim Grishanin 15/16
Sergey Kireev 12/12
Lev Kuznetsov 4/4
Igor Levitin 13/16
Leyla Mammadzada 2/4
Alexander Potapushin 3/4
Dmitry Pristanskov 11/12
Alexander Tikhonov 10/12
Yury Tsvetkov 0/0
Rashid Sharipov 15/16