Corporate Secretary

The function of ensuring that the Company’s bodies and officials comply with the rules and procedures of corporate governance that guarantee the rights and interests of shareholders, as well as organizing interaction between the Company and its shareholders is discharged by the Corporate Secretary.

The Corporate Secretary of PJSC NCSP acts on the basis of the Regulation on the Corporate Secretary and reports to the Chairman of the Board of Directors, which provides the necessary degree of independence within the context of organizing the work of management bodies. The Company has established an administrative office for the Corporate Secretary.

The main duties of the Corporate Secretary include:

  • Organizing preparations and support for holding General Shareholder Meetings in accordance with current legislation, and the Charter and other documents of the Company
  • Supporting the work of the Board of Directors
  • Organizing cooperation between the Company and its shareholders
  • The position of Corporate Secretary at PJSC NCSP has been held since February 2009 by Vladimir Matveev

Year of birth: 1948

Education: graduated from the Krasnodar Polytechnic Institute in 1972 with a degree in mechanical engineering; earned a second degree, in economic and social planning, from Kuban State University in 1993; also attended the Advanced Management Institute of the National Economy Academy of the Russian Government.

Work experience: in 2007-2009 he upgraded his qualifications at the Higher School of Economics with a course on Information Disclosure in the Corporate Governance System.

Mr. Matveev has been working at PJSC NCSP since 1996, first as a supervisor in the property department until 2006 and then as head of this department from 2006 to 2009.

Mr. Matveev was PJSC NCSP’s corporate secretary from 2009 to March 26, 2019. He did not own shares in PJSC NCSP or shares in its subsidiaries and affiliates in 2018, and he does not have family ties with other individuals who serve in the management bodies and/or financial and business control bodies of PJSC NCSP.